Robert Ivačič

Harmonica player, Online missionary at GMO since 2007, and AudioVideo editor recorder in Ljubljana, Slovenija

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Robert Ivačič plays harmonica since 1992. He continued playing harmonica blues in 1999 and then gospel christian music in 2000. He also sings and plays keyboards in styles he likes very much. He plays in Churches, on festivals, He even played in Florida in front of 700 Business people and is a national champion (2015), ACCORDION (mouth harp) CHAMPION (2016) on harmonica. In 2014 he played as a featured guest with Uroš Perić, imitator of Ray Charles, also playing a lot of other music, on Ljubljana Castle. This year, he played on gospel tour around Slovenia, Europe, sharing good news with a lot of people. His passion is sharing our Lord and Savior with everyone, who want’s to confess sins to God and start to believe in Jesus Christ. You can help him reach the world for Christ by coming to his concert and enjoying yourself, and be inspired and refreshed thru listening of the Slovenian’s champion on harmonica (2015) and won 2nd place on blues harmonica playing in 2010 Bristol competition of National Harmonica League, where he also won 3rd place in Chromatic harmonica playing. Robert is also a translator, volunteer, he was teaching others how to play harmonica, but he did not start with blues. He played Tremolo harmonicas since 1992, and then continued with tin sandwich in 1999. In between those years, he also learned to play some chromatic harmonica, and he played country, gospel, pop and folk music of his youth.

  • Work
    • EKARIS, StandArtBb, BLUEHARP
  • Education
    • High school Krsko