Tomas Anderson

Consultant, Web Developer, and Life Coach in Eden, Utah

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What Neo believed ... once

We are just a tiny grain of dust in a relatively infinite universe.

[as perceived by a conscious human mind(not 1 totally self aware )]

A drop in a ocean of time and space..

Nothing we can ever achieve has any kind of significance @ the scale of the universe ... therefore no goal or objective can ever be too ambitious

Man only is the measure of all things!


I personally believe that

1. We are spiritual entities that manifest themselves trough a physical presence

[far more to explain..this is the short story]

2. Time and space are just conventions

3. Every living thing is a representation of a greater universe

4. We tend 2 intersect even if we live in parallel realities

5. Causality and determinism rule this world

6. Free Will is absolutely the best thing you can ever hope of finding in this life

7. The places you visit and the people you meet are the only true vectors for your spiritual evolution

8. The rest are just details


And WhaT About Me?

Politically I'm an elitist, a liberal and I've always promoted the true democracy that gives people a real choice of electing real leaders

Economically I am a socialist and I don't think that it's just because of the culture and/of education I had when I was young

There is nothing we can't chive if we just ignore the monetary aspects!

The values we have determine practically all the real choices we make in life, yet we don't have choice over selecting those values. I think the values we have are within us before we even step into this life.. of course from a previous one.Yes,I truly believe life is more than this!