Brenda Wolfensberger

Family first. They are the foundation of my life, my happiness, and my dreams still coming true each day. My husband, my children, my parents and siblings, my life-long best girlfriend, my extended family, and my warm home provide everything my soul truly requires.

Next comes a passion for creativity and making things with my hands — and my heart. Sewing and quilting allow me to offer something to those I love that will hopefully last a lifetime, hopefully meet their tastes, and surely feel worthwhile to me. I love seeing a project develop, take shape, and come to completion. It's real to me, and not fleeting. I appreciate things that last.

My husband is my soul mate and my fellow traveler. He is also my business partner, and we inspire each other each day. After happily selling our interest in our first company, our newest venture, New Savvy, is reaching into a broad range of media, service, and online retail projects. Some of our projects are listed at Most notably, we are filming a documentary, and we are about to launch a website to offer fabric wall art, as well as quilts and quilted accessories in modern designs and elegant colors. Beyond those projects, some of our endeavors will enthall some, and maybe surprise others... media takes many forms, and my husband likes to flirt with the edges of art — I'm so pleased to be a part of it, and he supports me endlessly in my passions as well.