Brenda Naomi Herzberg

I was born in London, UK, in 1938. Family was the centre of my mother's life. My brother and I moved from Britain when we had young families and my mother was heartbroken. She was convinced she would not see her beloved grandchildren again.

I graduated from medical school in London. In the swinging sixties in Britain, I was a junior doctor, newly married and determined to have children. I wanted everything: family and career. But that got complicated and my career went on to the back burner. We concentrated on my husband's career and our three sons grew up in Scotland, North America and Australia.

When they left the nest in 1987, I was divorced, not quite fifty and ready for new chapter. I went to live in Israel. My distant dream was that my adult sons would do the same. But they did not.

My children and grandchildren live in Australia and Spain.

This website is devoted to my mother, an amazing and resourceful woman whose grandchildren still remember her well.