Boak Oestreich

St Cloud, Mn

Throughout his four years at Saint Cloud State University (SCSU) in Minnesota, Boak Oestreich combined academic rigor with pursuit of professional experience. For four months, Oestreich studied abroad in Ingolstadt, Germany; during that time, he completed significant marketing coursework while visiting a variety of companies across Germany and the surrounding area. As a result, Boak Oestreich has developed keen business acumen and a familiarity with many cross-cultural corporate practices.

Both abroad and on campus, Boak Oestreich maintained a strong academic record. He earned a grade point average of 3.0 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. He also pursued active involvement with the school's chapter of the American Marketing Association, which offered weekly opportunities for members to build communication skills and learn of developments in the marketing industry.

In his free time as a student, Boak Oestreich pursued professional experience. During the school year, he completed 25 hours of paid employment each week in addition to his academic responsibilities. He also has experience as a painter with College Pro Painting, where his leadership skills led to his designation as team lead. In this role, Oestreich independently managed a painting crew that completed each assigned job under the designated budget. In addition, he continued to build his sales and marketing skills by soliciting new customers for the company.

Boak Oestreich also applies his marketing skills on behalf of SCSU's study abroad program. He has visited numerous classes on the SCSU campus, where he presents information on international study to potential participants. He also volunteers his time in staffing study abroad information booths, which the school offers between two and three times each semester. He intends to remain connected to the institution in the years to come.

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