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Why shorts have gained prominence among the young generation? Young generation possess a carefree attitude who do not pay heed to the inhibitions & age old customs & traditions which used to dictate the norms of the society. The modern generation sport style which they think are better & comfortable lending a deaf ear to what society has to say regarding their attire. In fact, people today have got used to wearing shorts or seeing people in shorts. Shorts are preferred by the people because they are comfortable & provide a carefree & casual look to the onlookers & spectators. The style of sporting shorts has become very common in today’s time gaining wide popularity among the people. The reasons which is why people wear shorts:

• Shorts are comfortable for doing all sorts of activities related to sports, exercise & rigorous training

• The shorts come in great variety, designs & colors helping to make great style statement

• Shorts have become a popular item which is appealing to the modern trends & fashion

• Shorts look great on the well toned body of the people

The different varieties of shorts available: Tailored shorts are a distinct type of shorts which have belt loops & conventional waistbands & hip pockets.

They are preferred more by the people worn by people attending any events. Swim Shorts are worn for the purpose of swimming; these shorts are sported in beach parties, water related sports, etc.

Hence, the popularity of shorts is increasing day by day.