Bob Larimer

Emergency Communications, Teacher, and Pilot in Bolivar, Missouri

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Bob is a is a Communications Operator III as well as a POST Certified and APCO instructor for the Missouri State Highway Patrol and has been working in Emergency Communications since 1992 and with the Patrol since 1997. Bob's first five years in the field were as a dispatcher for the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office in Osceola, MO. While there, Bob was instrumental in developing the first formal training program at that Sheriff's Office, and has been heavily involved in teaching 911 operators throughout the state as well as using his expertise as a teacher to develop curriculum for teaching Foster and Adoptive parents. In fact, in March of 2016, Bob was selected as the Trainer of the Year for the 911 industry in Missouri and nominated for the same recognition at the national level. Bob also lists being a contributing author to the 7th Edition of the APCO PST1 Teaching Manual as well as serving in the U. S. Army in the Middle East during Desert Storm to his list of accomplishments.

Bob and his wife Barb have been married since 1988 and have four girls. Bob loves to take his family camping, vacationing in our National Parks, kayaking, and piloting private aircraft for fun. Bob is a self taught computer software developer and systems designer and has a passion for teaching others and for all things tech. Those who know Bob know he will usually have or be researching the latest nerdy gadgets to see if it is something he wants. (cell phone / smartwatch) (work)

  • Work
    • Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • Education
    • Western Illinois University, Macomb, Il
    • Roseville Schools, Roseville, Il