Bobbi Capwell

Teacher and Online Educator in Houston, Texas

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I have been in Education for most of my life. Teaching actually came pretty naturally. I love helping others discover tools that can help them forever not just one time!!

I recently retired after 37 years in public education! In those 37 years, I taught in a variety of districts in Texas: a small farming community, a Catholic school, a migrant school/Head Start teacher, a coastal community, and the largest district in Galveston county. Each school had its own culture/identity! I learned so much from the administrators, my fellow teachers, students and of course the parents!

My most favorite part of retiring is that I have more time to work with the Japanese families. Some have only been here for a few weeks while others have been here for a year or so. I help them work on their English skills, learn about the culture and people of Texas and the schools. I work with all ages of kids and with their mothers. We laugh, talk, pantomime words when we don't understand each other and share some of the best Japanese snacks ever made.

This is perfect because after my experience as a Japan Fulbright Memorial Fellowship Delegate, I began to embrace everything and anything Japanese. (Check it out by clicking on the experience link above) Tutoring the families allows me to give back to the Japanese community after the incredible trip with JFMF. I love the people and country and their culture!

My other adventure that I recently started is writing and illustrating children's books.I am excited to share this with others too.

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