Bobbie Kinkead

Oakland, California

AS an artist, I am innative and original; as a storyteller a builder of scenes and animated characters for the audience; and as a writer connect plots with characters for a readers. I know and love story!

As a child, drawing and painting were my way of telling a story to the wider world. After much schooling, I am a writer of words as well as a verbal storyteller. With the development of the 'web' and the vast possibilities of blogs, podcast, and pod channels depicting a story is easy. Today with these tools, I blended my skills of illustrating with written or spoken words to create stories for others to enjoy.

I can help you develop your story.

  • Work
    • Illustrator Author Publisher Storyteller
  • Education
    • College Graduate
    • Art School
    • Storytelling
    • writing wrorkshops, conferences, critiques