Bob Brill

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During 2009-2016, Bob Brill was a sole practitioner and founder at Brill IP Law Office. In his practice, he was adept at patent and trademark application preparation and prosecution in the US and internationally, related searches and opinions, and IP counseling. Bob’s clients benefited from his direct and focused application of over twenty years of experience with several hundred projects covering a wide range of electrical, software, healthcare, medical, computer, imaging, financial, telecommunications, mechanical, and clean technologies. His clients included Fortune 500 companies, universities, small to midsize companies, and startups worldwide.

Bob applied business sense and cost-effectiveness in counseling on IP legal matters. With attention to work flow from a systems perspective, he took care to complete tasks timely, avoid bottlenecks in his office, and navigate workarounds as needed. Bob provided courteous reminders of tasks outstanding on the client’s end, respectful and empathetic of the responsibilities and demands leaning on the client’s schedule. The business sense that permeated Brill IP Law Office served to advance the interests of clients cost-effectively. Clients retained Bob to care for their creative efforts as a timepiece of skillful attention, rather than a fire hose of commodity work. The quality of his work product fit a variety of close working relationships with client-side managers and innovators.

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