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Roaming different places in India to capture the most beautiful views in his camera, Bobby Gujral is the most sought after name when it comes to travel photography. Living this passion for years, he has travelled every nook and corner of the country in order to confine the best pictures in the coop of his camera. According to him the world is a beautiful place to roam around and capture the most perfect shots that make you close to the nature.

Travel photography is a very broad genre of photography that involve the documentation of a landscape, people, cultures, customs and history of any area in a city, state or country. Being a travel photographer, he has taken various mesmerizing and captivating images. These images range from the one which communicate the feeling of a time and a place, to the ones that portray a land and its people, or the ones that represent a culture in its natural state.

His working has involved photography of scenery, outdoor adventures, local events, cultures, customs, photography of destination hotels and resorts, tourist attractions and many more. Whatever he has deemed fit for taking a snap has been captured in his photos. His images are also being used for advertising, merchandising, and print sales.

With such a diverse scope in this field, Mr. Bobby Gujral has line down some of the very important points for the aspiring photographers. He says that for being a travel photographer one must have a passion for travelling around and uncover the beauty in everything being from landscapes to wildlife, portraits to architectures, cultures to people, and everything. If you dream of travelling the world and capturing the moments in your camera, follow the advices from Mr. Bobby Gujral on Facebook or on Instagram.

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