Bobby Aduna

Acupuncturist in California

I am classically trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture/Chinese Herbal Medicine. Specializing in Medical QiGong. (The oldest branch in TCM.) The modalities I use are time tested and many are over 5000 years old like Acupuncture, floral acupuncture, massage therapy, flower essences and crystals. I have mastered over 20 different forms of massage and body work both eastern and western modalities. As an experienced and intuitive multi-generational healer I not only see the need to address not just the mind and body but also a persons spirit. By helping them to see in themselves their full potential.

I love working with animals. I am able to re-balance their energy in such a way that it speeds up the healing process on all emotional and physical levels. Leaving them healthy and happy again.

Life has it's challenges and each one can be seen as an opportunity to change into something better. Obstacls in life are often times caused and perpetuated by bad emotions, I can effortlessly remove them. Mirroring the transformation of a butterfly Chrysalis Flower Essences (my line of flower essences) represents the positive change and posibilities a person can make, eventully leading to your full potentilal. I strongly believe in using both eastern and western medicines together where necessary.

I help blooming healers how to understand, use and appreciate their gifts by not being afraid of them. I also tune-up Reiki Masters. I am one laid back easy going guy who loves to joke around and take life as it comes. No matter how serious the issue is you bring there is always a solution. I am here to help you. Proudly Serving the First Nations Community,