Bobby DoTube

Lifestyle blogger, Filmmaker, and Director in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Bobby DoTube

Lifestyle blogger, Filmmaker, and Director in Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Bobby DoTube Professional Restaurant, Fashion, Lifestyle Vlogger & Promoter for Hire. Producer & Host Of all things #AtlanticCity #NJ events & hotspots! #DoAC

My name is Bob Mitchell nickname Bobby Do. I am 47 yrs old, married 31 years to my wife, Susan. I have three great kids, Rita 28, Vinnie 25, and Angelo 23. Also four grandkids.

I started taking pictures, and video's at friends and family weddings for fun and people loved my work!

So one day I took a camera with me at a restaurant and did a food review just for fun, and again people loved it!

People enjoyed my review so much that would travel from all over the tri-state area just to try the restaurant I suggested, that's when I knew I was on to something BIG!

Since then I have traveled the tri-state area New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and large parts of New England, like Boston and Maine, doing restaurant reviews and travel tips for people around the world!..

I now have bragging rights to over a 2,000,000 views from all my social media, including Google +, The foodie community has adopted me as one of their own by liking, sharing and retweeting my reviews all over the world! I have also been featured on a multitude of blogs and online daily foodie newspapers!

The popular travel site TripFilms has chosen 5 of my video's as editors pick, for best restaurant review video and best vacation tips for travelers!

I decided to add blogging to my now successful vlogging and open a blogger called DoTube's Productions. I posted a new restaurant review every Wednesday, and within 12 weeks I have over 20.000 views, and now have well over 100.000 views and counting!

My ultimate goal is to have my own restaurant fashion & travel show on a TV network or work for a large magazine with my own column!

I'm so happy that God has lead me down such a great path, with a career that I could have never done on my own! So come follow me on my way to success!

Bobby DoTube is a photographer, videographer and video marketing digital producer for businesses in New York City, and Atlantic City. I have photograph, video, and chronicled many food eateries in the Tri -State Area everything from street food carts,

Bobby DoTube Productions has been proudly serving the Tri-State Area since 2012, with a location in Atlantic City.

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