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The diverse range of briefcases makes us well known in the industry and helps us to embark our footprints. Incorporated in the year 1992, since then we are continuously driving to make our products worth in order to satisfy our prestigious customers. Not too much and not less, but our prices are just right and worth for the quality we are providing to our customers. Moreover, we are 100% originated in India. The designs and styles and further, the variety of colors are what we are acknowledged for in the market.

Gone are the days when you need to wandered in the market for your merchandise, but with the changing era, you can swiftly obtain whatever you wish for. Place your order online, and we make sure to deliver your cart at your doorstep in allotted time. In addition, we provide our customers of free delivery option. The expert and experienced team ensure to deliver only the quality assured products in order to match up with the level of your lifestyle.

We are constantly working to supply you with the highest quality products of the industry at the lowest prices. Choose from our wide assortment of backpacks and briefcases. The diverse collection of briefcases and cases are the perfect choice for every individual and we promise that you will not be disappointed with our products. Bobby Gujral Cases are available to you without making that deep hole in your pocket.

We believe that customers make the company, so for any further feedback or suggestions, kindly drop a line at our website page. We are happy to help you.