Bob Ketteringham

Everyone has a story! I love getting to know people and their stories. It's fascinating and expands my world view. I live to help and serve, but have found a special place in my heart for the homeless and marginalized; in working with them, they have probably helped me more than I have helped them. In addition to helping the marginalized, I want to help myself and those who are struggling with their income and jobs. I found that substantial income is possible working part time from home, and frees me to devote time to ministry. The corporate world that I worked for 30 years is not much about people anymore; it provides little to no job security. The best security is in working for myself without worrying whether I'll have a job, get a raise, the next corporate merger or downsizing... Workers live in fear. Life should be fully lived and enjoyed; that is what I want to do and help others do!