Bobby Lawrence Karate

Bobby Lawrence Karate has provided karate instruction to families in the state of Utah for more than three decades. With 16 schools in locations including West Valley, St. George, Spanish Fork, Orem, Park City, Logan, and Centerville, Bobby Lawrence Karate has taught more than 2,000 students and is recognized as the leading martial arts organization in the state of Utah.

With programs for both young and old, Bobby Lawrence Karate incorporates the basic foundations of different styles of karate, including Jiu-Jitsu, Kenpo, Kwon Shu and Shotokan to provide a well-balanced and comprehensive program. Master Lawrence, as he is known to his students, employs a structured teaching style with a fun learning environment in order to successfully instill the values of confidence, discipline, and respect in his students.

For students ages 4 through 12, Bobby Lawrence Karate offers Little Ninjas and the Junior Training programs. In Little Ninjas, students are introduced to eight basic karate skills and taught the importance of concentration, focus, self-control, self-defense, and stranger danger. For students age 13 and over, the school offers Adult Training classes, which combine stress relief, fitness enhancement, and classic martial arts training. Here students will learn techniques in kickboxing, meditation and self-defense. Students additionally learn katas--forms or patterns that a student learns and follows to master traditional martial arts techniques.

For more advanced students, Bobby Lawrence Karate offers programs such as the Leadership Team, where individuals can study to become leaders at one of the karate schools and within the community; the Masters Club, where students have the opportunity to master more intermediate and advanced skills and participate in weapons training; and Black Belt Training, where students interested in obtaining their black belt will learn how to break boards and utilize other weapons, including escrima sticks, nunchucks, and staffs.