Bob Club

Bob Club

The SECOND rule about Bob Club is... WE DON'T TALK ABOUT BOB CLUB!!!!
This is to be a surprise for the teacher, friend, second dad, coach, we all know and love. We'd hate to have to deal with you. (Ahem!)

The third rule about Bob Club is... WE DO NOT CONTACT BOB or SALLI about Bob Club! (They share a phone and a house, and you know, Stockton is a wily fellow, so just don't do it!

The fourth rule about Bob Club is...
We do not post about Bob Club on ANY social network, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram. IGNORE the share buttons. Refrain from telling others. WHY? WE have LIMITED SPACE in our soon to be revealed location and Bob's on Facebook, so if you post, he'll see it, and YOU will ruin the whole thing. You don't want THAT on your head do you?

Stay tuned to your email in boxes for more information. If in doubt... email us at the email address you've been provided or call us at the phone number you've been provided. DO NOT POST, SHARE, OR OTHERWISE CONVERSE ABOUT THIS. IT IS A SURPRISE.

Seriously, if you mention Bob Club to anyone... we will tell Bob that you misplaced your Priority Cards. And NO ONE wants that to happen.

Miss one of the Bob Club 70 Emails? Click the link below for previous missives:

October 19

: We also sent this on 10/20 to a few folks whose emails bounced. You'll see that reflected in the ALL OF THEM page.

November 13:
Answers to the basic questions.

November 16:
Resending email from 11/2 and determining who needs a reminder call to add BobClub70 email to their in box.

December 4:
Invitation with event details. Please RSVP ASAP!!

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Post pictures and videos of the event here. If you post videos to YouTube, let us know.

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