Bob Doyle

Marina del Rey, California

I am the facilitator of the "Wealth Beyond Reason" program and one of the featured teachers in the film and book "The Secret" Since 2002, our primary focus has been on teaching the practical implementation of Law of Attraction principles, and moving people past the blocks that keep them from living a life of purpose, passion, and true abundance. Our company provides 1-on-1 personal coaching in areas of abundance, business, etc. at

Our program got the attention of the producers of the film "The Secret" and we were fortunate enough to be a part of that film, and then later, the films "The Opus", and "The Tapping Solution" I also enjoy writing music, mostly keyboard-based "film-score" type stuff, and ambient, much of which can be found at Most recently, I've become a complete ukulele fanatic, and have a YouTube channel at

  • Work
    • Bob Doyle Music - Composer and Ukulele Player
  • Education
    • Stone Mountain High School
    • University of Georgia