Bob Dubois

Bob Dubois an entrepreneur with over 27 years of experience owning and running several successful businesses, he has a broad range of knowledge in management, marketing & human resources. Bob also has 11 years of experience as a top producer and income earner in the Network Marketing industry. Bob is currently President of Dubois Enterprises INC & Dream Big, LLC.

He is a highly respected leader who loves helping people find the “Champion” inside themselves. Bob has become an accomplished speaker and trainer in Network Marketing.

Learning from his own struggles Bob was at one point in his life at a very low place, broken and hopeless. He learned how to become a winner by focusing 1 day at a time, working on his personal development and following those leaders who came before him.

Today Bob enjoys paying it forward teaching, speaking and mentoring thousands of people. Bob’s unique attitude and style of “get it done” goes perfect with his normal ever day hard work ethic. A down to earth person, you’ll find him in blue jeans & cowboy boots most days.

Bob is a person that is relatable to many, easy to talk to & trustworthy. He loves meeting new people and building long lasting relationships!Bob is a husband to his wife Mary, father to 3 sons Andy, Casey and Robbie. He also has two granddaughters Emily and Paisley. Bob enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, hunting and the outdoors.

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October 2014

Double Platinum Presidential
July 2008

Platinum Presidential
September 2006

Gold Presidential
July 2006

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May 2006

Bronze Presidential
October 2005

Presidential Director
January 2005