Bob Fiordelisi

Bob Fiordelisi: Crowdfunding revolutionizing the investment industry through direct contact between individual investors and entrepreneurs. This new investment on the Internet as soon benefit from a regulatory framework for its development. It is now more of a confidential investment product reserved for some experienced investors, but a real opportunity for all investors. Here are six reasons to seriously consider crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional investments in managing your savings.

Reason # 1: are betting strong potential capital gains

Bob Fiordelisi: Yields passbooks, PEL and other life insurance has never been so low. According to all the economists, the trend is not about to reverse ... Investing in start- ups and SMEs growth is making the choice of the gain, betting on the future leaders the economy of tomorrow. Imagine you had the opportunity to invest in Free, Meetic, PriceMinister or Vente- Privée there ten years! Of course, all companies will not know such success and we must never forget that this is a long-term investment risky. With the recent IPO Carmat, entry Gemalto CAC 40 and the Nasdaq Criteo, the potential of French start- up, however, is undeniable. More innovative and agile in times of crisis, it is these young companies that represent the economy of tomorrow. This is the perfect time to integrate these chips in your heritage.

Reason # 2: choose your own investments

The era of experts who know and investors who follow is gone. Internet provides access to all the information needed to guide an investment choice. Crowdfunding platforms just give access to all the necessary tools : you do your own research, you exchange directly with company executives, you see all the financial documentation and sharing your opinion with other investors. You are now in control of your investments and you dial a few clicks your portfolio, like any financial professional. Investment opportunities are finally accessible to all, and only a small circle of insiders.

Reason # 3 : take part in entrepreneurial adventures

Put his money in a start -up rather than a passbook can participate in exciting entrepreneurial ventures. Invest in crowdfunding, is to engage with entrepreneurs with the opportunity to assist them in developing their business. One in three French dream one day to create or acquire a business but everyone is not made to undertake, it is risky, it is not necessarily