Colonel Robert Frank [USAF, Ret.]

Henderson, NV USA

I am retired in Henderson, NV, with business leadership experiences in the following 6 career areas from 1958 to 2004.

1. Earned all colleges expenses as a professional photographer and lab technician.

2. Retired USAF Senior Officer in supply, logisitcs, procurement, computers and systems program management (22 years).

3. Fortune 500 open computer systems corporate executive.

4. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Chief Scientiest for Electronic Commerce and R&D manger of secure internet business transaction gateway technologies.

5. Small business founder and CEO for secure internet business transaction services and systems development for banks, financial companies and small businesses.

6. Governor-appointed member of the Nevada Commission for Common Interest Communities and Condominimum Hotels (HOAs and Condos) representing homeowners interests.

  • Work
    • Retired
  • Education
    • BBA Oklahoma Univ
    • MBA Auburn Univ
    • USAF Air Command & Staff College
    • USAF Air War College
    • NATO Joint Warfare College