Bob Gottfried

Clinical Director Bob Gottfried, PhD founded Advanced Cognition Enhancement (ACE) Clinics over two decades ago. Bob is an experienced therapist who specializes in neuro-cognitive training and rehabilitation. Bob has over 25 years of professional experience. Individuals who have worked with ACE Clinics have enjoyed significant, permanent improvements in their cognitive function. These improvements are often life-changing.

ACE Clinics has invested over a decade of resources into advanced research in order to develop progeams that are extremely effective in treating all aspects of attention deficit, learning and memory disorders. ACE Clinics provides cutting edge technology in neuro-cognitive training. Bob has successfully treated thousands of children and adults suffering from ADD, ADHD, LD (like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, central auditory processing disorder), asperger's syndrome and other attention and memory related disorders, as well as stress and anxiety disorders.

Bob Gottfried has worked for many years helping people who struggle with a wide variety of learning, attention, and memory disorders. In addition to a strong and well-established career as a medical expert, however, Bob also prides himself on his personal commitment to improving the lives of his patients overall. This includes a uniquely enthusiastic devotion to family development and information sharing for parents and loved ones to ensure that proper care does not only happen within the confines of the clinic.

Living with someone who struggles with a learning, memory, or attention disorder can be exceedingly challenging. Bob works very hard to empower caregivers, family members, spouses, and other devoted partners to best provide the proper support to their loved ones who are grappling with whatever mental challenge. His style of care has been well-received and enjoyed considerable success, because the work exists within the context of a general philosophy of well-rounded care. With his special neuro-cognitve training program, Bob Gottfried has transformed thousands of lives and remains completely devoted to his work, even after decades in the field. Advances are made every day in mental health, and Bob feels privileged to be playing a role in the development of the field.