Bob Mangat

Specializing in Small Business, B2B, B2C, Real Estate, Restaurant, Hotels, Auto Dealers, Online and Internet Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Online Consulting, SEO, SEM, PPC and Joint Venture Partnerships, he’s adopted a NO B.S. approach to business and takes it very seriously. Asked his thoughts about how business owners can succeed, he offered this: “Be willing to open your mind to new ways of doing business. If you continue to do what 95% of the people out there do, then that’s exactly what you’ll have, so be in the 5% who do things differently. Just this one shift in your thoughts can change your life.”

Bob is an effective marketing consultant for small businesses, with over 13 years of experience developing businesses from the ground up. He’s taught his strategies to over 1200 small business owners, real estate professionals and investors and his internet marketing techniques have been widely praised. He currently consults and works exclusively with a select number of small businesses and advises them on how to dominate their local markets.

A Speaker and Author he was motivated to help others because he first built a successful career in real estate by doing what industry insiders said he couldn’t do. His companies earned over $50 Million in sales in a two-year span generating recurring revenue all while Mangat worked only 20 hours a week. He’s been featured on and dozens of other local and internationally recognized media outlets.

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