Bob McInnis


For ten years Bob McInnis got to build and test a philosophy and practice while working to improve the lives of children in Calgary and abroad. The thesis is that all people are far more remarkable than they are given credit for. The dominant messages we hear every day are that "we aren't capable", "don't worry, we (big government, big business, big charity) will take care of you and your issues", and "don't be satisfied, there is never enough, you should always want more".These are the great lies of the 21C.

Remarkable people use their strengths to strengthen themselves and others and allow other remarkable people to do the same. We don't need bureaucratic systems to look after us. We don't need special credentials to care. We just need to be willing to care and be cared for. We are hardwired to share our burdens and our gifts with those in our community.

  • Work
    • Provocateur coach consultant
  • Education
    • Mount Royal Umversity