Bob Michaels

Born in Toledo, OH and briefly spent a couple of years on my Uncle Frank's farm in Ottawa Lake, Michigan before completing my schooling at St. Teresa, Macomber Vocational HS -- then the University of Toledo. After U.S. Army Infantry at Ft. Campbell, KY and Ft. Knox, KY, spent 10 years with Owens-Illinois, Inc in Toledo and Champaign, Illinois. Moved to Cleveland, OH with Reliance Electric then Informtion Science, Inc. (InSci) a startup in New City, NY who implemented a new system they coined a "Human Resource System." Moved to new InSci Divisional Office in San Antonio, TX then my InSci Sales Office in Dallas (Plano), TX. Several years with Texas Instruments, then operating as a Freelance Technical Writer working for Siemens, Sonus Networks, Quest, and finally Dallas County Texas. Founded Helping Others Unlimited to assist many people with their personal finances in 2004 and now operate the websites and Looking forward to helping others break their debt habits and move on to a future of happy contented lives.