Bob Miller

San Diego, Ca.

My passion is helping people to discover for themselves, their true meaning in life. I have discovered a process I use called The ABCD of Success.

I am currently putting together my book explaining the process which is a simple blueprint to aid in self discovery and fulfillment.

In 2008 I created a non profit stroke support community called Strokes Suck.

Our mission is to:

Give-Love, encouragement, support and thanks

Help-People see their possibilities and become their best self.

Inspire- Others to do the same(The pay it forward concept)

I am an author, speaker and coach, helping stroke survivors improve their lives and to reach their full potential.

In 2011, because of all the hardships that I witness all the families of stroke survivors endure, I partnered with some very progressive life insurance companies to create The New Life which pays a major benefit if a person gets sick, like what happened to me.

My mission is to help families prosper and retire in dignity whether the breadwinner lives too long, gets sick or dies.

If someone suffers a stroke, heart attack, invasive cancer or some other major sickness, and LIVES (not dies); The New Life Insurance can provide guaranteed tax free income for life.

If you got sick next month and couldn't work, would you mind if I brought you a check to replace your income every month for life?

The plans I offer can protect and guarantee your income:

1. If you live to retirement age, you can receive tax free income for life.
2. If you get sick, your salary, mortgage and bills can be paid.
3. If you die your spouse/partner can receive your salary tax free for life.

Can your retirement or life insurance plan, offer these benefits?

I now have an inspiring radio program titled The Incredible Breakthrough Show. I interview champions who have overcome adversity and who have chosen to take action to improve.

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