Bob Ouellette

Hello there! I'm a Husband to a lovely Wife, a Father to a couple of spectacular kids, and the unrepentant geek of my family.

I work at AOL, where I'm the Technical Manager for, the best damn site for Movie News, Information, and Showtimes anywhere on the web. I'm passionate about our site, the team that builds it, and our users who give us feedback every day to help us be even better. I've been with AOL for over 11 years now, and hope that someday I'll retire from here.

I grew up in Southeastern Massachusetts, and moved to New York City after college. I've been a professional musician, a karaoke host, and a bartender before settling on a real job. Now, I live in Northern New Jersey with my family and our menagerie of 2 dogs, 10 fish, a guinea pig and an albino African River Frog. When we're not taking care of our animals, I love movies, TV, and most especially video games -- World of Warcraft is my addiction of choice!