Bob P Wilson

Small Business Owner in Kansas City, Missouri

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I live in Kansas City, USA with my partner, Rob, and family. We have wonderful friends & family throughout the country. We enjoy traveling for work & pleasure, meeting new friends & creating new memories with old friends.

My business consulting company, ElitemCorp, provides advanced sales & targeting technologies, strategic database targeting tools, enhanced tracking, and uses many innovative, customer-centric systems, to deliver unique sales & marketing consultation services to small/large businesses located in the United States.

I am fascinated with technology, gadgets, computers, and all things digital which improve our daily lives. My other interests range from design, art, digital art, sculpture, photography, 3D, animation, music, theater.

We live in a time of daily innovation, and I love being a part of the 'information evolution' age!

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    • ORU (Oral Roberts University - BA)
    • CU (University of Colorado - MBA)