Michael Bobrowski

In 2008, I founded Hilinsky Consulting, a web development and social media marketing agency based in San Francisco, California with Anastasia Hilinsky. I grew the agency in it's primary stages as Lead Product Developer and social media blog author until mid-2010. Our small team provided social media marketing services and consulted online marketing strategy for brands of any size. In my time there, I supported several Bay Area agencies such as San Francisco 49ers (NFL team), San Francisco Food Bank, 280 Group and more.

After Hilinsky Consulting, my professional focus shifted onto marketing a turn-key Facebook app solution called 'LikeGet' that I developed in 2009. This application helps businesses and brands to grow their Facebook following through a simple yet effective workflow: a user visits a brand's Facebook fan page, clicks the 'like' button, and unlocks exclusive content once completed. The application's backend workflow is created using Facebook's API and some PHP.

'LikeGet' was implemented in international marketing campaigns by Gordon Biersch Brewing Company, True Religion Brand Jeans, New Era Hats, Toyota Motor Corporation and several other brands.

When this app was initially designed, I was one of the first to streamline development and create an easy assembly process for a relatively low price. In Q1 of 2012, many larger app developers or competitors have started offering a free version of apps with a near identical workflow which has significantly halted business for LikeGet.

I also work directly with Toyota Motor Corporation, Universal Music Group, and other companies as a freelance web consultant and custom applications developer. I've built several social media applications for Scion Motors, Robert Plant (musician), Snow Patrol (band), Ellie Goulding (musician), and more.

In 2012, I've supported Chiang Mai's Thapae Boxing Stadium and the adventure tour company 'Out of the Box'. I've helped both companies to launch a low cost website and digital media marketing campaign. 'Out of the Box' was co-founded by a few friends after we recognized the opportunity to offer visitors optimized activity itineraries based on their skill level and the amount of adventure wanted.