Sysadmin, Skunktaur, and Goo Beast in Pennsylvania

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I'm Bobskunk. I'm a skunk whose consistent design feature are my glasses. I came up with that name in 2001 and I haven't gotten any better with names since. Early on I had big black wings and wore tacky hawaiian shirts. Then I lost the wings and stayed that way for a while.

Only recently have I become a two-headed, giant (19 foot!) skunktaur on a full time basis. Normally that'd seem kinda outlandish, but people have known me long enough and it happened so organically that it just seemed right.

I'm hells of political and sometimes I'm sadbrains, but generally I'm doing my best to be a nice good person. I mess up sometimes so please let me know so I can apologize and stop it.

I'm currently running a chat on Discord that has evolved from the one I've run on IRC for the past 12 years (and on WinMX decentralized chat 4-5 years prior to that!)