Bob Appleby

Greensburg PA USA

Family and friends are the most important part of my life. Of course, technology (gadgets, computers, and other associated toys) give me great enjoyment as well.

While running our business, Computer Connections, with my partner takes up most of my time, because it is in the technology field it gives me the opportunity to enjoy all the new and wonderful new things that we find on a daily basis.

Photography has reentered my life about eight years ago and I have been slowly updating my equipment and skills and being able to give back to those I love a little of what I see and capture with my lens. Digital photography opens this up for me with the ability to capture and store great quantities of photos very inexpensively. Recently I have added a new use for my photos by creating notecards of some of my favorites in themes. You can see these at

Being with my family and friends and being able to learn new things every day is what I enjoy most in my life.

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