Bob Terrance Saunders

Harbour Island, FL

A resident of The Bahamas, Bob Terrance Saunders maintains a thriving career in the hospitality sector that he began more than five years ago. Currently, he works as the Assistant General Manager of The Dunmore luxury resort, located on the intimately sized Harbour Island in The Bahamas. While employed by The Dunmore, Bob Terrance Saunders has engaged in hospitality management education through several programs and seminars, and he is presently studying toward a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management from Penn Foster Career School.

Bob Terrance Saunders holds a Bachelor's degree in Hotel Management from Florida-based Gordon University and a professional certificate in hotel and restaurant management from Penn Foster. In addition, Mr. Saunders has trained with accomplished hotel industry veterans, such as the current proprietor of The Cove in The Bahamas. In the past, he participated in training at the famous Rock House Hotel on Harbour Island, a frequent winner of peer-review awards and travel media recognition.

A firm believer that education is a lifelong endeavor, Mr. Saunders continues to learn on the job and in the management of his 35-plus subordinates. As an Assistant General Manager, he interfaces with guests daily and works on resolving any issues they may have as courteously and efficiently as possible. He applies this same high standard to other operations he oversees, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner services; check-in/check-out and reservations processes; and behind-the-scenes shipping and inventory activities. Additionally, he works with maintenance and housekeeping staff members to ensure that every visitor to The Dunmore experiences the resort at its finest.

During his free time, he volunteers with the Give Life/Maintain Life Foundation. He enjoys a variety of outdoor sports and activities, including snorkeling, boating, and sailing.