Jasyn Savage

Jasyn Savage is a professionally licensed personal trainer, fitness instructor, teacher and overall gym enthusiast. In the United Kingdom he is registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals and as a Registered Instructor and Teacher at Level 3, Advanced Instructor. He was also registered with the South African Registered Physical Trainers from 1997 to 2002.

Jasyn developed a love for sport at a young age, especially middle distance running and bodybuilding. Although the two sports called for completely different energy requirements and physiques, he managed to represent his province in both disciplines, with an eight-year gap in between.

In 2002 Jasyn took his capabilities as a fitness professional further and set up Bodies In Action Ltd, based in Putney, South West London. As the founder, owner and fitness expert of the company, Jasyn takes an active personal interest in each of his members. By developing a tailor-made programme according to the specific needs of the client and using the latest cutting edge sports training methods and workout principles, Jasyn can assist people of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals. While many exercises are safe to undertake alone, Jasyn prefers to supervise all weight and strength training.

Although there are some tried and trusted principles that form the basis of a training programme, Jasyn likes to adapt his methods to incorporate both the old faithful and the new and exciting. He believes there is always room for improvement, and it is his passion to find new and inspiring methods, which will take his members to the next level of health and fitness. His personal motto is, "Let's be fit and strong".