Gaëlle Bodrito

Sion, VS, Switzerland

After a maturity in Italian, English, and Visual Arts, I naturally started a Bachelor in Science of Communications, at University of Neuchâtel, a field that has always fascinated me, while doing my first semester at the Università della Svizzera Italiana, in Lugano. I then chose Sociology and Management to complete my formation, which gave me the opportunity to have a more comprehensive view of the field of Marketing, from the purely economic side to a more psychological aspect of our society.

A first internship in a radio allowed me to approach the media industry, essential to any promotional activity. My job as a marketing manager for the association Ados Job then allowed me to contribute significantly to the success of various projects, such as the campaign "Chasse aux jobs", supported in many media of all French-speaking cantons. Although being a volunteer, I took my role very seriously in this yound and dynamic association, and I am now very happy to stay a honorary member of Ados Job, which brought me a lot.

After living for six months in German-speaking Switzerland, I had the opportunity to greatly improve my knowledge of our second national language, especially after attending German intensive courses and succeed at the exam TELC Deutsch B1.
Since January 2013, I am working as a marketing intern for the company AquaNetto AG, a start-up in the field of water treatment, which allows me to begin my career with a rewarding experience.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts (BA)