// Christin // *OMG*

kentucy, usa.

hellooo. my name is christin, but people 'round these parts mostly know me as bodt. i am in many, many fandoms, including one direction, attack on titan, 5 seconds of summer, minecraft / other video games, several youtube commentators and other youtubers among those. that's a very slim layer into what runs throught my mind most of every day.

i ship many ships; my ships make up a mighty armada.

lately, i have been super stressed. the end of the schoolyear is coming upon me so quickly that i am really lost and behind and i need to gather my shit and get my duckies together. i guess you could say i'm on a semi-hiatus for the time being - at least until may 31st. this means i won't be able to reply to roleplays, but i am willing to discuss them with anyone at any time. i may not reply to you immidiately, but i will as soon as i can!

  • Work
    • i'm jobless and poor.
  • Education
    • almost a sophomore in high school.