Body Massage

Bliss is an indulgence that takes its customers s a million miles away from their daily lives, and leaves them feeling calm and restored.

Bliss offers the ancient Chinese art of reflexology and deeply relaxing traditional massage. So step out of the bustle of the outside world and into Bliss.

Why would one want to have a body massage?

1. Release- When a massage therapist takes over and does the massage then he/she is in charge. The customer doesn’t have to pay attention to its body to relax and the customer is set to release himself/herself. The tension from body and mind is taken of when a massage therapist performs the body massage.

2. Rest – the whole body is allowed to rest when a massage is performed by someone. It’s like a mini vacation because you escape the reality of life and relax.

3. Rejuvenation- it rejuvenates and awakens our senses with the help of soothing, warm aromatic oils and lotions.

Bliss provides you an escape from the reality of life, setting your body and mind free and help you to relax.

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