Timo Boezeman

sales manager and account manager in Culemborg, Nederland

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As Product Manager Digital Customer Communication I run a valuable long-term strategic project (The Digital Service Desk) for multiple departments focused on improving digital customer communication and capturing and unlocking knowledge to both our customers and colleagues. The main focus is on serving our customers better and better, and help them to become more self-reliant, so that the customer satisfaction increases and the deployment of people and resources of our Customer Service (and and other departments) becomes more efficient (a better, faster service), so that there is more time to provide a real added value.

The Digital Service Desk is a combination of smart SaaS solutions and optimisations of work processes, which I implement in close cooperation with all departments, stakeholders and the product owners of IT.

I lead the Digital Service Desk team that takes care of the application management, process optimization and implementation of new add-ons. Together we are working hard to make this a success.

I operate as an intermediary between the decision makers (C-level), other stakeholders, IT-parties, our own IT department and the differents departments of CB, in order to find the best solutions in the domain of digital customer communication and so to continue to improve our services.

In my role as Product Manager, but also in a broader perspective for all of CB, I create and design concepts for innovative projects (from idea to prototype, from business model to strategy, from planning to implementation) and do visual storytelling. I excel in making complex (C-level) topics easy to understand by creating well designed, animated, powerful stories that persuade a specific target group or audience to help sell (new) ideas, solutions for existing problems, strategies, investment proposals, products and services.

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