Bogdan Chthulu SMITH

phd student, Artist, and Photographer in Paris, France

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SMITH’s indisciplinary work, both plastic and theoretical, is understood as an observation of constructions, deconstructions, and displacements of human identity. Photography rubs shoulders with cinema, video, choreography, bio-art and the use of new technologies, leading to collaborations with scientific and philosophical research teams and labs.

The idea of transition is a central element of his artistic practice. By exploring the combinations of scientific and artistic approaches open to the potentials of fiction, SMITH constantly (re)invents forms to unveil the radiating presence of all kinds of beings that obsess his imagination. He creates a hybrid environment – all at once laboratory, projection room, archive library and portrait gallery – in which he develop para-scientific poetics that draws on the thin line separating rationality from imagination, through the representation of ghostly and phantasmatic figures. SMITH’s works invite viewers to be immersed in a dark and diffuse atmosphere, which is characteristic of their auratic and ethereal style, and conducive to daydream and meditation.

His most recent projects, "Spectrographies" (2014), "TRAUM" (2015-18), "Saturnium" (2017) and "Desideration" (2019) are characterized by a constant attempt to abolish the boundaries between the disciplines, in order to introduce a new look on the mutations of our human species. They were presented during cinema festivals in Europe, at the Centre Pompidou and Théâtre de la Cité Internationale (Paris), at the CND (Pantin), at the Dance Museum (Rennes) and at the CCN-ICI (Montpellier).

SMITH’s visual works were exhibited as solo shows at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie (Arles), at the Filles du Calvaire gallery and Palais de Toyko (Paris), at the Photographic Museum of Helsinki (Finland), as well as several countries in Europe (Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland), Asia (China, Cambodia, South Korea) and Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Uruguay).

His first book, "Löyly" (Filigranes) was published in 2013, followed by "Saturnium" (Actes Sud) in 2017, a long-length interview by art historian Christine Ollier in 2017, "Juste entre nous" (André Frère), the opera booklet "Astroblème" (Filigranes), and the travel-photobook "Valparaiso" (André Frère).

SMITH is currently completing a PhD (UQAM, Ca / Le Fresnoy, Fr). His work is represented by the Filles du Calvaire gallery in Paris.

  • Work
  • Education
    • Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris
    • Ecole Nationale de la Photographie, Arles
    • Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Le Fresnoy
    • Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
    • UQAM, Montréal, Canada