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PUBLIC WARNING - Beware of John Crizenger last know whereabouts Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Because of the sensitivty of my job I need to maintain my privacy. I have been a bounty hunter for 17 years. In this time I have met a number of nefarious characters. Some of these individuals I have helped bring to justice but there are others that I have not been able to capture. One such individual goes by the alias John Crizenger, aka John Critch, or Critchy, last known where abouts is Winnipeg.

He is involved in a number of criminal offenses that include black mail and extortion. He has extorted money from at least 11 indivduals over the past 3 years.

He promotes himself as a businessman, usually in marketing or computers. His MO usually revolves around being able to promote the business or businessman through internet marketing. Once he obtains enough personal information from his target he then threatens to damage their reputation through various social media outlets similar to this one.

He utilizes services like this one to set up his targets then blackmailing funds from them by promising to remove the damaging information.

I will try to obtain recent pictures of this individual. If you have heard of his name or of his whereabouts please email me with the information. Please do not approach this individual as he is psychopathic and dangerous.

Thank you

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    • Bounty Hunter
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    • MA Criminology - Simon Frazer