boi Sknny

cape town

Born on the 13th of September 1993. Gerald Thembeni Phili well known as Sknny 'Jay' a performer singer and a songwriter who was raised as an only boy child in a family of 3, started his music and dancing career after he signed up for a music,drama and dancing club at Glenview 2 high school in Harare(2006).Also took part in various auditions from 2007 till 2011, some includes jibilika and starbrite.

Gave alot of effort in his career after joining the Zimbabwe Cross Society youth group and the Marondera fight club where he first signed up as a performer but further did peer educational studies, facilitation,teamwork,advocacy,first aid and peer counseling.Mainly appear as singer and a performer who helped them in various functions such as HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns,a visit to the Marondera old people's home, advocating on child work and child labor, child rights as well as child abuse.

He started writing his own songs in 2009 when he was assisted by Timothy Chindumure and Malvern Chigoba (G.M.C).

When he moved back to Marondera,

Gerald worked with Malcolm Danken who helped him in shaping his music career.

Sknny listed Danken as the most inspirational friend and a brother who worked with him on his up rises and falls since 2010 till present as a producer,composer,beat maker as well as his manager.

The performer managed to explore his talent in 2011,when he took part in some schools functions in his hometown such as Chitepo secondary school,Rakodzi,Neagle house and Marondera high.

Gerald also performed in some public events at the Marondera show ground,Com_oil Retnus gardens and Primus(Rat and Mouse)

In 2012 - 2013,his career broke down as he moved to Johannesburg,South Africa where he did his metric in 2013. In 2014 he went back home and worked on a few songs with Danken,which are going to be included in his upcoming mix tape titled My name is Jay.

The mix tape is based on what he had been through since he started his music career such as unstable relationships in which he did a track titled Arms of love which clearly shows the pain he went through when he left someone he loves and took a path of chasing his dreams..

Phili worked with a few uprising artist from his hometown when he took part in an organization formed by Marondera artists called One Mic Movement (O.M.M)

He also worked with a various artist who have big names in Marondera and Zimbabwe musi