Bojan Djordjevic

Bojan takes great pride in his education. He finished “Prva beogradska gimnazija” elite high school in Belgrade. Than he enrolled in Belgrade Banking Academy, young faculty that is building it’s name really fast with great connections to institutions like: “NASAD” and “University of Reading”. He graduated in 2010 on subject of “Investment banking”. During the studies he joined AIESEC, as a part of the project to open AIESEC office in Belgrade Banking Academy, which started with work in 2009. During his membership in AIESEC he worked heavily in sales department and on various different projects regarding finance. He attended a lot of different seminares regarding: Corporate Social Responsibility, entrepreneurship, sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Cultural Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity. Many of these seminars and personal development tranings were held in international enviorment and abroad from his home country. Right after graduation he gathered up with several young enthusiast from Internet Marketing niche, to open up company, called “AdGlow Marketing” with residence in Kansas City, USA. His work experience comes from banks. As freshman of Belgrade Banking Academy he got internship in Piraues bank, treasury department. During the second year of studies, he was admitted in Societe Generale, Yugoslav bank for one month internship, troughout all divisions, which includes: Corporate sector, Retail, Information technologies and HR. Bojan is young enthusiast with clear vision of his company, backed up with great education. He is passionate about his job and strives to bring entrepreneurial change to the world.