Joeri Boudewijns

Antwerpen, Belgium


First of all I want to mention that I live together, this already since 15 years, with my partner Ilse Maerevoet. We are blessed with our two children Jana, born March 30, 2004 and Joni, born Februari 13, 2006.

I've always had a passion for computers and ICT in general but more specific for the software. Since I was nine years young, I started playing around with Basic, GW-Basic and later on with Pascal, Turbo Pascal (mostly Borland) and this lead me to the more powerful languages like C, C++, Cobol and so on.I guess I was lucky that, at home, we had one of the first personal computers being a Tandy TRS-80.

Since then I never stopped again and don't think I ever will.

Since those years a lot has changed and when Web 2.0 took its entrance. This made it possible to start creating responsive web applications.

My skills can be found just a few rows below, each tag represents a skill that I master and also goes hand in hand with the kind of work I am looking for.
For my more complete professional history I recommend to take a few minutes of your time to visit my LinkedIn page which contains more complete and relevant background information but it should also provide a clear view on what you can expect of me on a professional level.

Thank you for your time to read up about me and who knows we might meet in the near future.

  • Education
    • Sint -Michiels College