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Hello !! I'm Ahren, welcome to my spam!! My birthday is January 25 ♒️♒️ I use He/Him pronouns.

Just some rules before you follow me!!

-please don't follow me if I know you irl unless we are on good terms. (I've had some drama and would like to not repeat it)

-Please don't mention my spam to anyone else that doesn't follow it !! I'd like to stay under the radar.

- I hate Killing Stalking with a passion so please don't talk to me about it. I'd like to not hear about it like ever.

-I really love Bokuto from Haikyu so please don't trash him,,

-I'm a vegetarian and I really don't like when people trash my choice of being one

Well if you've gotten this far please dm me a picture of bokuto of any kind !! Thank you 💖