Bonati Spine Institute

Doctor in Hudson, Florida

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Led by chairman and chief orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alfred O. Bonati, the Bonati Spine Institute offers carefully calibrated procedures that rely on a foundation of arthroscopic, minimally invasive spine surgery. Patients who have tried approaches such as fusion and "open" laminectomy surgeries and obtained less than optimal results report success through the Bonati Spine Institute treatment. The gentle outpatient procedures provide an effective alternative to traditional open surgery approaches, with patients quickly healing and returning to the activities of everyday life.

Dr. Alfred Bonati has received seven U.S. patents related to arthroscopic instruments and techniques, and his expertise is well recognized in the field. He authored the book No More Back Pain: A New and Proven Program to Free Yourself from Back Pain for Life. Community focused, Dr. Bonati spearheaded the creation of Help for Wounded Warriors, a program addressing the lower back pain experienced by many military veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. The practice also supports the work of a number of local organizations, including the Toys for Tots program run by the Pasco County Fire and Rescue Department.