bongeka phungula

Student in Soweto, South Africa

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Hi. My name is Bongeka Phungula, a BEd student at the University of Johannesburg (Soweto campus). Reason for choosing BEd was mainly out of passion for teaching. I can say my past experience wasn't exactly pleasant, from not witnessing any passion and no patience from my teachers. I believe being a teacher needs more than just standing in class. It must be something deeper and that at the end of each lesson you feel you've achieved a certain goal . Being a teacher needs one to in all possible ways have good and positive visions for their learners. It's about bringing positive change to the table. There's so much a teacher can install in a child. So much that can build or break the child. My vision is for teaching-learning to be understood from a more complex perspective; that it needs certain communication and dedication. To see that certain desire to learn and get knowledge from the learners. For the whole process to bring enthusiasm in class. Teaching should be some sort of significant for one!!!!