Bonnie Crowe

Osan, South Korea

Hi, i’m Bonnie, just some girl hailing from some place in Melbourne, Australia. Currently I am living in South Korea trying my hand at English teaching… Which I love!

I studied Biological Science at La Trobe University in Melbourne about a million years ago, and went on to complete Sustainability at Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne. I have a passion for sustainability, and have completed the Green Star program for sustainable design. After all this study I found myself unemployable (like sooo many other young Australians) and thought i’d give teaching English a go. I completed a 500 hour TESOL course through the Australasian TESOL Academy and found myself a job teaching English to elementary students in South Korea. And here we are!

Moving abroad has changed my life. I would tell anyone to get out and explore your world and taste every experience you can.

Quick facts:

I live for stalkbook (Facebook) and love social media
I adopted my dog Milky while living in Korea, and it’s the longest relationship I have ever been in
I used to be a vegetarian
My formal teaching skills end at my TESOL
I can’t cook but I like to try – just don’t taste anything I make
I regularly lie about my age
If you want to know more about me, or anything on this site please feel free to drop me an email or comment, i’d love to hear from you.

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