Bonnie Gail Carter

Missouri, United States

Proceeds from my book is going toward

helping The Forgotten Children in a US


I live in Missouri so that is where I will locate an orphanage to help. I'm an amateur photographer so I want to get the smiles on the children's faces.

I don't know exactly what they need that money can buy but I do know they need people to show them they care. In an orphanage you don't get love or feel loved so you grow up and don't know what love is. I didn't know what love was until I was 58-61. He passed away when I was age 61. I lived alone for 19 years before I met him. I'm alone again and they won't even let me have a pet. I lost my cat, my Cali Girl after having her for eleven years. I'm allergic to cats and dogs but I went to get her because they were going to have her put down. She was biting everyone that tried to pet her and she wouldn't eat. That's when I said "I'll be right over to get her." I didn't even have a car. I took a metal cart with two wheels on it on the bus to go and get her. She chose me to be her mama and never bit me. Now I ask God to pet her and tell her Mamaloves you!

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Donnie Townsend was my companion and best friend. He passed away on June 12, 2015 and he is greatly Loved and Missed.

Donnie only had one tenth of his heart functioning for four years but he had the biggest heart of anyone I ever knew.

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    • Two years of College at Purdue University