Bonnie Griffing

Licensed by the Missouri State Board of Nursing, Bonnie Griffing has cared for people in Costa Rica, Cambodian and Cuban refugees, elementary school students, and many other patients throughout her professional life. The Peace Corps, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the American Red Cross, and the United States Public Health Service represent some of the organizations that Griffing has aided. Currently, Bonnie Griffing handles multiple responsibilities at St. Louis’ Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. At the facility, she manages a staff, performs charge nurse duties, and reviews medication; she also volunteers at the affiliated Mercy Hospital St. Louis. Before joining the Peace Corps, Bonnie Griffing attended Marquette University, where she garnered a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her efforts with the International Committee of the Red Cross in Thailand earned her coverage in the school’s alumni newsletter. Subsequently, she enrolled at Boston University and studied for a Master of Science in Nursing. As part of the program, Griffing wrote a paper called “The Folk Illness ‘Susto’ and the Illness Behavior of the Hispanic Client: A Literature Review.” During Bonnie Griffing’s final year of school, the Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society inducted her into the group at its annual awards dinner. Several months after graduating, the American Nurses Association certified her as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. When not working, Bonnie Griffing contributes to several charities. Ladue Horton Watkins High School has received needed support for its scholarship fund and its drive to build a new football locker room. Additionally, Griffing donates to the University of Chicago’s Parent Fund and volunteers at the St. Patrick Center in St. Louis. An avid cyclist, she visited Maine in 2011 to take part in a bike tour with Summer Feet Cycling.