Bonnie Jaiswal

Software Engineer and Mobile App developer in Pune, India

I would consider myself a very modest person. but my friends would describe me as "adventurous, affectionate, unique, fun, lovable, courageous, talented, hard-working, cute, crazy, honest, romantic & smart"

The go-to man for all your gadget problems and queries.

In my free time i learn to cook, a real foodie. when in the mood il cook even at 2 in the night.

Now to let you know about my work.

I'am mobile software engineer working with latest technologies in IOT, augmented & virtual reality, cloud, gaming and business applications, extremely comfortable in Objective-C and Swift and a bit of Java & Javascript aswell.

Currently I'am working on the Google ATAP Project Jacquard @ its said to be the first Wearable Smart Clothing.

Also I'am taking up advanced C & C++ for Hardware and IOT based projects.

Have over 7+ years of proven success in exceeding client expectations. I'am strong self learner with a desire to stay highly informed on best practices and latest developments Technologies.

Managed small teams and mentored colleagues in iOS development.

Love to help and interact with the developer community, an active StackoverFlow user with above 4.3k reputation and i believe that

"Only dreams will get you nowhere, a good kick in the pants will take you a long way. There is no substitute for hard work ."