Bonnie Martinez

Duct Repair, Duct Replace, and Duct Work in Lake Worth, Florida

Bonnie Martinez

Duct Repair, Duct Replace, and Duct Work in Lake Worth, Florida

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Who we are…

HVAC specialists with a strong desire to help our clients, and a driving passion to perform the best work possible.

What we do…

Commercial and Residential HVAC are our specialties and we have the experience and knowledge to ensure you job is done properly.

How we do it…

Make an appointment today to see just what we can offer and how easy it is for us to take care of the work you need done.

Our philosophy…

Providing 24 Hour quality heating and air conditioning service, while conducting business with great integrity and honesty.

Welcome to AM-PM Air Conditioning INC. We provide installation of new systems, repairs and maintenance for residential and commercial customers. Maintaining your air conditioning system is essential.

Our air conditioning technicians are highly trained and experienced professionals specializing in a broad range of residential and commercial air conditioning services.

NEVER Pay overtime rates with us.

Our idea…

In our climate, with our yearly extremes, HVAC isn’t as much a commodity as it is a necessity. We believe that just because something is needed doesn’t mean you should have to worry about extreme cost or being taken advantage of. It is with that in mind that we hold ourselves to a high level of quality and professionalism in every job we undertake. The difference between us and our competition is noticeable and we hope you take the opportunity to see that for yourself.